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Emanuela was born in Milan, at the end of the education period she graduated at  theUniversity of Milan in 1992 in political sciences with a focus on the diplomatic career. 

She put her dream to become a diplomat in a drawer and there wioll remain forever.

All the notions learned to become a perfect diplomat , support her in the unbridled passion in the event organization,where she took her fist steps back in 1986, managing companies’ events organization.   

In 2008, after  travelling all around the world, she planted her roots in Italy, where she founded  the White Tulipa wedding & events planner.

Emanuela, nowadays wedding planner e designer for White Tulipa, since she was a child she always had a thing for good manners and well prepared tables. 

Beauty lover and aesthete , while growing up she developped all these charatceristics transforming them in a passion that became a real job.

Emanuela, as well as taking care of the weddings’ design and planning, developing a specific project for each situation, also deals with the wedding’s “Galateo rules” and the art of receiving. 

Every events organized and delivered by Emanuela always take in consideration the bon ton rules, paying attention to each details.

Ludwig Van Beethoven said : ” Love demands all and has a right to all”. With this motto Emanuela offers her professionality to the spouses, she dedicates all her efforts to the True Love and to get in the fateful day a perfect “Yes, I do” .

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