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Wedding Planner

Elegance, creativity and style are indispensable plus offered by White Tulipa to the future spouses, who chose to rely on Emanuela’s competencies – professional and experinced Wedding planner and her tight-knit group and staff.

A dreamy wedding party, original and creative that can be a concrete reality for every married couple. 

Listen and understand expectations and desires, to find the best and customized solutions, to join the event’s protagonist in very single moment and give them calm and confidence, are the main goals that Emanuela pursues in every wedding services, to give the married couple and their relatives a day full of surprises. 

Being able to plan every details, scheduling step by step every service offered, minimazing the spouse’s efforts, optimizing meetigns and sharing with them every new steps taken, are the main characteristics of the wedding organizational process that Emanuela controls and manage accurately.  

To trust Emanuela means to have a “guardian angel” following you everywhere as well as during the planning and the wedding day.

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